Update: ‘The best occupational therapy on earth’

A few months ago I wrote about a nice man who lives down the road from me and his story of recovery post stroke and the role his OT played in his journey (read original post here).

I have seen the gentleman a couple of times since then when he has popped by to see how I was getting on with my plants and giving me advice on how to not kill them (am a novice gardener!).

Today I came home from working an extra shift to this on my doorstep…

update picture1

With a nice note saying that he had some mistakenly given me standard tomatoe seedlings last time and had grown me some mini ones to make up for the mistake (Wow!), he also gave me instructions on how to collect the seeds from one of the tomatoes so I can grow them independently next year…

On reflection he has a great appreciation of Occupational Therapy and our drive to build independence with our clients in their meaningful occupations.

I am now going to show off my gardening prowess with before and after shots of the original plants he gave me… Currently have an 85% success rate with the plants he gave me (again — a novice gardener!)


IMG_20140712_181218 IMG_20140712_181206 IMG_20140712_181230


update picture2

Please note the very nicely home-made cucumber plant poles I made too 🙂


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