#1 “The best occupational therapy on earth”

“The best occupational therapy on earth is a packet of seeds and a square of dirt…”

Last weekend I was out front of my house working on my front garden when an older man walked past and started chatting to me about gardening (as growing vegetables is my new hobby), when I said that I was an Occupational Therapist he told me that he had had a stroke when he was in his 60’s and had been introduced to gardening in rehab. He talked about how much he loved his OT sessions and how it changed his life.  He asked me if he could gift me some vegetable plants as a way of giving back.

Today he dropped 4  Heritage Tomatoe seedlings,  and 3 pots of Lebanese Cucumbers with spare seeds and a seedling pot at my door with a lovely note – reading it I confess I had a wee tear in my eye 🙂




note with vege plants


2 thoughts on “#1 “The best occupational therapy on earth””

  1. Hi there.

    Thanks for passing this back to Rehab Plus. It’s so lovely to know people are thinking warmly of the service long after they leave.

    Thanks again. to you both.

  2. Thats so awesome Sonya.
    Don’t you love that people will still stop in the street and be part of your world for a moment and the effect it can have on both lives.
    The affirmation from this gentleman can remind us all about the value of the experience for patients well beyond the initial interaction.

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