#2 Random hugs from grateful patients and families

I believe in the use of the ‘therapy hug’ in certain situations, when people are upset, crying, super happy and joyful, sometimes they just want a hug / throw their arms around someone.

Two examples of random hugs from patients and families come to mind from the last week:

1) During a physical assessment a maturely aged woman made significant gains in her recovery.  When she sitting on the edge of the bed with me crouching in front of her, she looked into my eyes and smiled and leaned forward – I slightly panicked thinking she was losing her balance – but she just gently rested her forehead against mine and said thank you for helping her 🙂

2) One night when I was working late finishing up notes at an empty nurses station I saw the partner of a patient come onto the ward, I said hello and then continued with my note writing (wishing that I was already at home with my feet up), the next instant I was enveloped from behind in a spontaneous hug from the women – who simply said “Thank you so much for today”.

This is definitely one of the lovely things about being an OT!


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