#5 Learning

Another great thing about being an OT… Learning!

As OT’s we are presented with opportunities for learning each and every day…

In the last 3 working days I have learnt:

  • How to do purl stitch (taught by a patient during a knitting-based therapy session)
  • How to apply Newton’s laws of motion to posture management (that was a hard one to learn!)
  • How to present like Steve Jobs (search for more interesting ways to teach and deliver presentations via a YouTube video)
  • Another method / variation on how to write up a cognitive screening assessment (from reading another therapists notes)
  • About hermeneutics and Heidegger (through post grad study)
  • How to cook scrambled eggs in a microwave (from a patient during a kitchen assessment)
  • How to use Powerpoint’s presenter view (in order to present at an in-service)

My point is this – we are surrounded by opportunities to learn – both formal (courses, articles, post-graduate education etc), from our colleagues in practice, and importantly (and often forgotten) from our patients / clients / consumers.

Think about the opportunities to learn and grow that we are exposed to each and every day in the course of our work – it may surprise you!

I challenge you to think of 2 things you have learnt this week from a formal source / from a colleague and from your patients / clients / consumers!

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