#10 Having a wonderful work family

A work family are those that you work with each day that you become close to through shared experiences – some good, some bad and every shade in-between, they are the ones we laugh with and cry with and share our exasperation with, who understand the unique pressures that we work under like no others. Those who understand your silly in-jokes about equipment (who can go past a great toilet frame joke!) or bodily functions, or who remember favourite patients and those you can share your horror stories with and debrief with at the end of a long day…

I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing work family both on my ward (where I have worked for the last 5 years) and within the team itself – many of whom have transitioned into close friends and family members over time.
I have heaps of examples of the joys of the work family – through our celebrations of engagements, weddings, pregnancies, births, or support during crises (both work and personal), hugely busy periods with heavy workloads, injury and illness… we are always there and have a wide breadth of understanding about the human condition and all the goes along with it!

For me one of the best examples I have seen of the work family support system was last week after the sad passing of the husband of one of the nurses on my ward – 22 of us attended the funeral, most of us straight from the ward in our scrubs, we hugged and cried with our friend and simply were there in quiet support of her and her family during this tragic time.

Have others experienced the joy of the work family?

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