#9 Occupation is everything and everywhere

I love that occupations are everywhere and make up pretty much everything we all do. They are the seemingly simple things we do everyday without thinking about them (until we can no longer do them in the way the would like) like toileting / dressing or eating. Or the exciting hobbies that people have. Or occupations linked to valued / life roles; like parenting, being a student, being a bread-winner, paying the mortgage etc.

Explaining what Occupational Therapists do can be so simple – in my work setting I pretty much say that OT’s look at all the parts / activities / tasks (aka occupations) that make up your day, that are important or have value to you, and we help people to do those things!

The wide ranging definitions of occupation enable to have a broad scope of practice and work in such varied settings, what other discipline has such latitude to reinvent themselves and the work they do while still practising with the same overarching central tenant?

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