#8 When an over toilet frame or a shower stool is literally life changing

I love the days when something small, like say an Over toilet frame (OTF) or Shower stool (S/stool) or a kitchen perching stool can literally change someone’s life!
Something so seemingly simple and routine in the world of an Acute OT can make someone’s day / week / month or even year!
Recently I recommended an OTF to a patient (who had been struggling for a long time with toilet transfers and felt too embarrassed to discuss this with her family) and she lit up with an inner-light – so excited that going to the toilet was not going to be such a struggle / chore any more.
A perching stool in the kitchen coupled with advice around pacing / energy conservation enabled a patient to return to cooking full meals at dinner versus frozen microwave meals (which she didn’t like very much) – she practically danced from her bed out the door planning the new meals she would make when she returned home…
A shower stool enabled my other patient to be independent and not need carers to come into the home to assist her – her excitement was palpable!

A simple piece of equipment changed these people lives! All they needed was someone to listen to them and problem solve potential solutions to enable them to meet their goals.

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