#6 Patient stories

Another lovely thing about being an OT – getting to hear the most amazing stories / anecdotes from the people you work with… and having a moment when you hear something that totally revolutionises how you see that person.

A few stories that come to mind from over the years:

An older gentleman in his 90’s told me during an assessment that he had ongoing knee pain, when I enquired further about the onset of the pain and its impact on his occupational performance he reported that it was from an old rugby injury… here is the best bit that blew me away… sustained during a rugby game in a POW camp in Germany after being shot down during the second World War….. WOW! My perception of this gentleman changed and evolved instantly!

Talking to a woman in her 90’s post-stroke, she told me of her daily life and roles within her village – she was the person that looked after all the other ‘old people’ (her words), she cooked and cleaned for others in the village, was a designated driver for those who were unable to drive, knitted jackets and hats for premature babies, ran her church prayer groups, read voraciously… I was blown away now but she kept going… she was also writing a murder mystery book! WOW! Again my perception of this person was instantly changed and my mind blown!

I have worked in a few Secure Dementia Units and Private Hospitals and I loved the times that families / spouses would come to visit and tell the staff stories about the previous exploits of our residents – we had writers, musicians, public servants, policemen, tennis pro’s, dedicated mothers and fathers, builders and mechanics… WOW it always seemed to completely change how we looked at the residents, and give depth to our relationships with our residents…

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