100 Lovely Things

At the end of a hard day, when work has been frantic, when things don’t go as plan, and frustration mounts I try to remember why I do this wonderful, challenging, stressful, sad, rewarding vocation!

So! I want to make a list of 100 lovely things about being an OT and remind myself and all of you why it is such a great thing to be an OT!

Feel free to add in comments / make suggestions for this section with your own experiences!

1: “The best Occupational Therapy on Earth”

2: “Random hugs from patients and families”

3: “A well written clinical notes entry”

4: “Teaching”

5: “Learning”

6: “Patient stories”

7: Update: ‘The best occupational therapy on earth’

8: “When an over toilet frame can change someone’s life!”

9: “Occupation is everything and everywhere”

10: “Your work family”

11: “Runaway shower hoses, wet shoes and other OT related mishaps!”

12 – 13: “Suggestions from readers”

14: “Conferences”

15: “The spirits are everywhere, the are right here, between you and me”

16: “The bitter-sweet moments of connection”

11 thoughts on “100 Lovely Things”

  1. Thanks for reminding me that wondering, frustrating , challenging and rewarding can all be part of the same fabulous occupational therapist role.

  2. Deep connections. As a MH OT, many people express feeling like we get them on a deeper level, and that in itself creates positive change.

  3. We can’t change the world but able to make a difference to someone’s world by doing what we’re trained for… Problem solving ❤️

  4. Learning what my geriatric patients did for a living or what their interests were in their earlier lives.
    If you listen to what the geriatric patients’ life lessons are, you may also benefit.

  5. I love this! Thanks for sharing!

    This made me think of two of my favorite OT moments…

    Helping a client get funding for a power w/c and having them say months later “you gave me my legs”

    Doing the swallowing assessment when a clients diet recommendation changed from “nothing by mouth” to “puréed solids and honey thick fluids” and having her husband of 50 years cry in gratitude that she can eat again

  6. Making someone’s day one small bit better by doing something so small yet so meaningful for them.

    Making someone feel or realise they are a worthy human being!

    Hearing them say they’ve loved the experience and time you’ve spent with them.

    Seeing them smile!

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