Welcome to OTDiscussions.com!

This is a discussion, resources and teaching website designed for Occupational Therapists who are passionate about learning and talking about OT!
I love everything about Occupational Therapy – I love working as an Occupational Therapist (OT), learning about OT and I love talking to others about OT!
One of the best parts of being an OT is that the learning and evolution of our practice never has to stop, we just have to seek out opportunities to continue learning and developing our practice.

I have created this site as a way¬†to bring OT’s together from around the world to discuss and share ideas about their work and their passion for OT.

In 2017 my focus will be on studying and completing the myriad of half finished projects I have – to build my accountability for this and to document my professional development I have created a section called “The Reading Room” where I will compile my continuing education resources and my own record of reading and how I put together my own development plans.

Let me know what you think!